" Assamualaikum wrt. We have had 2 children experiencing IHS education. Our son is currently in secondary 3 whereas our daughter was the first IGCSE IHS graduate 2 years ago. Alhamdulillah IHS has provided a perfect environment for our children to learn and develop to become a good muslimin and muslimah. The curriculum encourages self independence as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in areas that are critical in higher education and the work environment. Our daughter has showed high self esteem and confidence in college due in part, to the foundation built through her education at IHS. With strong Islamic values and command in English, she had no problem in making friends with those from different race and religion. Infact she has been brought to the forefront as team spokesperson, event MC, etc. InshaaAllah our son will also have the same values when he completes his education in IHS. He has developed strong leadership qualities and given responsibility to head various positions, events and activities. Syukur Alhamdulillah with the teacher’s trust and encouragement towards him, he will excel in this quality. Important to their experience is the environment where this is achieved. Classes in IHS are small and the education is personal. The teachers are very dedicated, committed and know their students’ individual needs. IHS provides a high quality, Islamic-based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development."

En Rizvi Abdul Halim, from Kota Damansara



" My 2 children have attended the school for 9 months since July 2017 and todate, they have spiritually, emotionally and intellectually thrived in IHS environment. The internalization of strong sense of IHS academic emphasis, Islamic education and way of life has been manifested consistently in the teachers, staff and students’ behavior, manners and the respect shown for everyone. As parents, todate we have been sufficiently informed and connected as we received emails, activities updates, notifications and reminder messages often from their respective teachers. An experienced Islamic school teacher from another school once shared with me that, based on his observation, compared to other private Islamic schools, IHS teachers has been empowered to govern overall aspect of the school management, compensated with relatively higher salary and benefits, which successfully has incentivized and motivated teachers to be focused, dedicated and genuinely care about overall IHS and students’ Islamic and educational achievements."

Pn Marzita Kamarudin & En Headir, from USJ1 Subang Jaya



" Alhamdulillah we are very satisfied with our three daughters’ progress in their Hafazan and Academic in IHS. The team of Murabbis are so committed and dedicated, always eager to instill Islamic values in the students. They are also quick to respond to all our requests and queries. We note a happy learning environment at the school which our daughters always look forward to. We pray that our daughters would always be guided by Al Quran and Sunnah throughout their lives, and we trust that IHS would be able to mould them to be part of the Quranic generation benefiting the ummah. InshaaAllah."

Ummu Hajar, from Kota Damansara



 " We live 39km from IHS and it takes us 45 minutes every morning to send our only son to school and another 40-45 minutes every evening to fetch him home, but so far we think its all worth it. Since we moved him to IHS in January 2017, we have seen many positive changes in him. His teacher played a role in motivating him to study and be more discipline. Teacher Norhafizah, in particular, was dedicated in making sure my son was fully prepared for his UPSR. My son loves IHS, he likes the clean environment and the discipline of students and his friends. "   

En Ahmad Sani & Pn Renee, from Taman Tasik Puchong


 " Our son joined Primary 6 in Aug 2017. At first, he felt demotivated because it was just 3 months away to the JSLA exam and there was no such exam in his old school so he was not prepared at all. His homeroom teacher motivated him to be interested in coming to school, to study and prepare for the exam. Alhamdulillah he is doing very well now "

En Mohamed Ikram & Pn Hani, from Putra Heights


" We have never doubted our decision to enroll our 4 kids in IHS. We could see their akhlak getting better. It’s the school culture to infuse Islamic values in the kid’s everyday life. Most importantly all our 4 kids are excited to go to school every day, even on Sundays! We could not have asked for more."

En Hakim & Puan Mim, from Denai Alam


" We enrolled our 2 children in Jan 2017, Primary 1 and 3. Previously they were in Sekolah Kebangsaan. Compared to Sekolah Kebangsaan IHS is very good. Our children are very happy, they are close to the teachers, their confident level have improved and their studies have improved a lot."

Pn Faizah , from Bukit Subang


" We moved our son from another Islamic school to IHS in Jan 2018. He’s in secondary 1 and so far he’s really enjoying IHS, he loves the environment, he likes the Science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the science teachers. I think the teachers in IHS are well trained, our son comes home happy everyday and excited about the subjects he is studying and his school projects and he’s always looking forward to go to school."

Pn Zakiah & En Iskandar



" We visited many Islamic schools before we enrolled our son in IHS as my husband is very particular. My husband visited, checked, liked and decided on IHS in Jan 2018 as the school is on the right platform based on Al Quran and Sunnah. Compared to his Sekolah Kebangsaan days I have seen so much improvement in his studies. My son is in primary 5, he is very semangat to go to school everyday because he gets the right attention from his teacher. In Shaa Allah we plan to enroll our younger son in IHS soon. "

Pn Ruzanna & Ustaz Syed Najmuddin Al Khered , from Ara Damansara